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Here is some of the hardware I have carried or worn during my 35 years being involved in Law Enforcement.  I began as a Chaplain in March of 1967, when the Wichita Chief of Police Gene Pond, Sheriff of Sedgwick County Vern Miller, and Mayor of the City of Wichita, John Stevens asked for ministers in the area to join them in serving our community together as chaplains.  I retired from this responsibility in June of 2003.

Police Department Badge

Sheriff's Office Badge

Some Insignia

WPD and SO name tags

WPD Reserve Badge

Secret Service ID Tag

Badge and SW Cuffs

2.5 Inch .357

Grandson has been a few years, he is in college now!

Coat insignia

SO Retirement Plaque 2003

WPD Retirement Plaque 2003

WPD Badge Presented upon Retirement

SO Card

PD ID Card

PD Emblem on Chaplain Car

Things said about me, or to me during my 35 years as law enforcement chaplain:
“I asked you to help me with my son. Now you have made everything worse…..I have talked to ten other ministers in town, and none of them would do what you are doing!”
“When I grow up, I want to be like this man, and be a policeman who will help others like he helped me!”
"You brought me the very worst news I have ever had, but now 6 months later, I can see that many things in my life are much better because of it... I just wanted to call and thank you for that day and your prayer."
"You told me that you would go to heaven when you die. Come on back to my house, and I'll send you there.   The chief has given me my gun back."
"I didn’t think it would turn out this way…..I took this picture of Jesus along with me in my pocket."
"Officer, stop that man, he just stabbed a woman upstairs!"  (I did, he had)
"The police department has ruined you….you don’t care about people anymore!"
"Chaplain, next time we go on a call together, I will carry your Bible and you can carry my gun!"
"If what you are telling me is the truth, I am going to kill that f****** cop and that bitch…If it is not true I am going to kill you!"
"I have said that If a cop ever steps on my front porch I will kill him…Now who are you, and what do you want?"
"You’re a Chaplain, tell me why did God do this to me?"
"I say you don’t want to mess with a man that carries a Bible and a gun.'"
"Did you hear that?  The men who kidnapped me just drove up outside!"
"If my brother is really dead....can I have his room now?"

   (To the year 2004)